Max Montgomery moves a vintage lamp from the Browning Reception Room

This past Saturday was a very busy day in Linger Hall. With the help of 22 volunteers, we were able to move everything to 3 different locations. Mike, Tim, Kent, JR, Roy, and Graeme were all present from the Board of Directors.  Terry Plumberg, Doug Randolph, Pam Kraus, her husband Steve, and Ginger Wooten were some past administration that showed up to help. Several Old Boys were in attendance such as Darren Johnson ’91, Aric Inglet ’91 Larry Schoof ’68 and Max Montgomery ’81 were present along with the Latteman family. This was all possible due to the planning, boxing and staging done by Kent, Max Montgomery, Tony Blair, Doug Randolph and Brenda McCoy. Sincere apologies if any are missed on this list.   

Graeme Slack expects “No Slack” while moving out the Museum

Throughout the day, four trailer loads of artifacts were transported to a temperature controlled offsite storage facility. Many larger items, along with anything that we might need access to during construction, were moved to the basement. We are also utilizing some space in the old Quarter Master to store several display cabinets and larger furniture. 

Darren Johnson helps demo casework
Darren Johnson helps dismantle Casework at the Museum

We were very fortunate to have the Troop leaders for Troop 1 and Troop 1G along with several Troop 1 and 1G scouts available to us for assistance throughout the day. At lunch, Kyle Smith and two of the leaders spoke to everyone and answered several questions about the Future of Troop 1 and 1G. 

Troop 1G leader addresses the move crew during lunch at the Museum Move Out.
Kent Tretheway, museum curator, explains where everything moves to before the move.
Kent Tretheway, museum curator, explains where everything moves to before the move.

With an 8am coffee and pastry start, we were able to have everything moved by 5:30pm. I am very thankful to every single volunteer who helped over the last several months to make this move a success. We look forward to the construction phase and completion of the St. John’s Military School Historical Museum.