Through the foresight of the Right Reverend Elisha Smith Thomas and a group of prominent Salina citizens, St. John’s Military School was established in March 1887. Recognizing the need for a disciplined educational and living environment for young boys, these men established a military school to be operated under church auspices. The primary purpose of the school, and its dedicated staff, was the intellectual, physical, and spiritual development of young men. The real story of St. John’s is told by the thousands of cadets who passed through its halls and classrooms. In the more than 131 years since its founding, St. John’s Military School has helped raise young men into outstanding leaders. Thousands of young men who have attended the school have gone on to become leaders in their own right, making significant contributions to our society. SJMS is a place that is considered a home to thousands of Old Boys across the United States and the world. Their stories are now memorialized at St. John’s Military School Historical Museum located on the hallowed grounds of the former institution.